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Freedom is something that dies unless it's used.     
Hunter S Thompson


This summer, I was so fed up about Brexit that I started looking for t-shirts that said "Stop Brexit". When I couldn't find any, I designed and printed a bunch for myself, and started wearing them everywhere: 
to the shops, on the school run, to parties (gold & silver sparkly protest tees!) to yoga, to the beach.

Its a big political statement to make in day-to-day life, and I was surprised how many people wanted to come up and chat once they registered what the t-shirts said. I got into all kinds of interesting conversations, and eventually printed a bunch more and started the website. 

For me, it feels important to make my opposition to the craziness of Brexit *seen* - something I've termed #visualresistance. Imagine the impact of seeing hundreds of people wherever you went wearing Stop Brexit hoodies or tees. Imagine how inspired you'd feel if you saw five people in Stop Brexit hoodies waiting at the bus stop in the morning, or saw someone in a #bollockstobrexit top at the gym.  

I'm not a politician, I haven't changed the world (yet), and I'm never going to be famous. But I want to contribute if I can to the Stop Brexit movement, and enable other people who think this is a nightmare to make their protest seen too - and hopefully change a few minds along the way. 
Pull on a Stop Brexit hoodie and go to the gym. Wear an Exit From Brexit sweater to the supermarket. Normalise and own your protest and be part of the Bresistance. But be warned: you will get comments (and the occasional killer-look!) wherever you go... Enjoy! 

Cathy x 
VALUES: So far nearly all the money I've made has been donated to grassroots organisations working to stop Brexit (the rest has gone on funding the website). So far I've supported the Fight Brexit War Chest, the Manchester Stop Brexit March, and donated to help the Article 50 Challenge Crowdfund, as well as sending free clothes to activists and campaigners working to Stop Brexit.